Encourage reviews, get feedback, send promotions, and grow your business using our easy-to-use text messaging platform.

This technology was initially developed to service the needs of my web design and internet marketing clients of Venture Capital.  It has since grown to offer service to companies nationwide with the incredible help of my business partner and programmer Sara.  Small and large businesses alike need honest, quality customer reviews to ensure their business thrives.  Reviews can make or break business success in the age of Google, Yelp! and Facebook yet few business owners do much to actually collect those reviews.  Few happy customers will go out of their way to leave a business a positive review but the overwhelming majority of upset consumers take to these same sites to share their negative experience.  We’ve developed a technology that not only garners positive reviews without worry of backlash, but provides you, the business owner, the feedback you need to correct any issues in your business.  Is there an employee causing problems?  What about a specific product customers wish you carried?  With our system you’ll learn everything your customers have to say with minimal effort and an extremely affordable price.

Listen to your customers and pave the way to business success.  Visit FeedbackForge.com to start your free trial today.